Here is the procedure to orderĀ  Transcript India through us and send them to WES Canada for the purpose of Immigration.
No need of your physical presence.

WES application

    1. Create an account through this web page:
    2. Login with your email and password. Enter your personal information, enter educational credential – your degree name, university, institution type, years attended, and year degree was awarded. Repeat this for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.
    3. Choose local or international courier for delivery based on your current location. Pay the service fee and submit the application.
    4. You will get a 7 digit reference number (Reference #) on submitting the credential evaluation application.
    5. You will need to send them official transcripts from the university in which you have completed your education. This is where we will assist you BPUT Transcripts application.
    6. Download the WES Canada Academic Records Request form. Fill and print page 5 of the document. Sign in blue pen. Attach the scanned copy of the form to an email. Download form here:
    7. Send a request to us by sending a mail to We will let you know our fees. Kindly mention your college name clearly. Our fees depends upon the geographical location of your college.
    8. If you agree with our fees then make the initial 80% payment (we will provide you the bank a/c no) and Attach scanned copies of degree certificate, marks sheets and signed authorization form (will be provided upon request) and mail it to bputtranscript@gmail.comwith your Name and college name in the subject of the email.
    9. We will collect the transcripts in sealed envelope and courier it to you.
        Time required – 1 to 2 months (depending upon the geographical location of your college)
      1. Reach us now:
      1. Email: